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(Costas Inc.)  DBA Atlas  Nanotech has  entered an  accord with  Nano  Medical  S.R.O. of  the Czech  Republic. The  first  objective of  the accord  aims  to  establish distribution in new territories for both companies.

A most  important  aspect  of  the accord  is  each  company’s  experience  in  obtaining  government  approval  for   their  products  in  their   respective  territories. Atlas has successfully completed the submission of  documentation  and payment  for  two  unique  nanotechnology  products  through  the  Mexican  regulator COFEPRIS.  

Initially, Atlas plans to distribute Nano Medical S.R.O.’s products in  Mexico  and, eventually,  throughout  Latin America,  while  Nano Medical  S.R.O  will  distribute Atlas Nanotech’s products in Europe.

Atlas will begin by sending its Nano-Gauze and Nano-Membrane to be distributed in the EEC  (European Economic  Community), where  there are  over 70  million  diabetic patients. Nano Medical S.R.O. will, in turn, explore the  possibility  of  manufacturing  as  well  as  distributing  its  nanotechnology   products,  including “Zentiva,”  the company’s  patented nanotechnology  delivery  system  (women’s Viagra), in Mexico.

Atlas CEO Dr.  Julio Riestra  stated, “While  we are  in the  early stages  of  negotiations, the idea makes fiscal  and commercial sense for both  companies.  We will both be entering huge markets as experienced players with  established  pathways into distribution.”

Marcela Munzarova, CEO of  Nano Medical S.R.O. and  known as the “Nano  Lady,”  said this is  just the beginning,  and while both  companies will continue  to  work independently in the laboratory, the collaboration can lead to previously unthought-of breakthroughs in the field  of nano-medicine. Professor David  De  La Mora, chairman of Atlas, agreed adding that Nano Medical’s research in  the  field of nanofiber is very exciting and has huge potential.

About COSTAS Inc.

Costas Inc. has been trading under the  symbol CSSI since the year 2014.  With  the recent  acquisition  of  the  Guadalajara-based  nanomedicine  firm  Atlas  Nanotech, it now enters the  new dynamic market of nanotechnology  development  and manufacturing.


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