June 06, 2019 01:08 ET | Source: COSTAS Inc.

LAS VEGAS, June 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NetworkWire – COSTAS,Inc.  (OTC: CSSI), announces its acquisition of Atlas Nanotech (formerly known as Nano Creaciones SAPI de CV) in an all-stock transaction that marks the Company’s entrance into the multi-billion-dollar global nanomedicine marketplace. The terms of the share exchange agreement include the appointment of new managing officers and a new board of directors, the resignation of COSTA’s current officers and board of directors and the retirement of 12,660,000 shares.

The principles of Atlas are receiving 25,000,000 shares of CSSI subject to a lock-up agreement with staggered release of shares over a 2-year period.

Atlas Nanotech (FKA Nano Creaciones SAPI de CV) is a Guadalajara based high-tech nanotechnology research and development company focused on the field of nanomedicine. The company patents and licenses nanomedicine developments for worldwide distribution. Atlas is focused on bringing to market state-of-the-art products derived from the latest breakthroughs in nanotechnology as it is applied to the medical field.

The company has three fully developed nanomedical products including a patented nanotechnology treated gauze used in the treatment of diabetic ulcers and burn patients (nanogasa.com). Nanogasa will reach the worldwide market this year. Atlas has an additional seven unique new nanotech-based medical products in its development pipeline.  Atlas is led by a team of highly qualified and well-respected professionals with outstanding backgrounds and reputations.

Costas’ new board of directors and executive team will include members of Atlas executive board and its key management executives listed below:

  • Dr. Julio Cesar Riestra Rodriguez MD has been named the new Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Julio Riestra is a founder of Atlas Nanotech and is a practicing medical doctor. He will oversee the research and development of the company’s pipeline of medical nanotechnology products. He is committed to the integration of nanotechnology, biosciences and medicine. His primary role as CEO is to insure that the advanced nanotechnology products now in the company’s development pipeline are quickly readied for mass production and successfully moved into global marketing channels.
  • Dr. David Alejandro Lopez de la Mora PhD, will be Chairman of the Board. Professor de la Mora has a doctorate in molecular biology.  He has authored nine books on nanotechnology and bioscience and has written dozens of research articles.  He is personally responsible for the patented breakthroughs in the field of nanomedicine which comprise the companies pipeline. Dr. de la Mora is a research professor at University of Guadalajara and a member of the national scientific system (SNI).
  • Juan Riestra is a founder and an executive board member and will act as Chief Commercial Officer for Atlas.  He is also, chief executive officer of AORI Brand Media Consulting. His past business experiences in the field of medical product manufacturing and development include starting and eventually selling a chain of hemodialysis clinics, developing and implementing a new technology relieving stress and boredom for the patients during treatment.  Riestra also is currently working on a new project as Chief Commercial Officer, called INTERMED “La Red Social de la Salud” or in English: “The Health Social Network”.
  • Alberto Herrera Aragon will act as treasurer and executive board member.  Mr. Herrera received his law degree from ITESO, The Jesuit University of Guadalajara, where he currently teaches international law and human rights.  He is the former executive director of Amnesty International in Mexico, and since 2013 has served as General Director of Change.org for Mexico and Colombia.

Advisory board

  • Dr. Cibeles Margarita Ciboney Sanchez Roque MD is a pediatrician practicing at the Hospital Civil Nuevo. Her combined background in the fields of medicine, molecular biology, and nanotechnology give her great insight to the company’s nanomedicine developments. She is a Graduate of the Guadalajara School of Medicine, she has completed studies in gene editing and in 2017 she received the EGEL award for excellence in medicine from CENEVAL.
  • Dr. Sergio Zuniga Quinonez is a practicing infectious disease specialist, and professor of internal medicine, infectious disease, and medical microbiology at the University of Guadalajara. Dr. Zuniga has published dozens of articles in medical journals all over the world. He was appointed by the governor as Director of the State Council for the prevention of AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections 2006-2007. His current expertise and research includes a wide range of nanomedicine applications.
  • Dr. Aldo Arturo Oregon Miranda is an Ophthalmic Surgeon, and subspecialist in retina. He is a graduate of Universidad de Guadalajara.  Dr. Oregon worked as Clinical Research Manager for Latin America and Spain of Laboratories Sofia, for 5 years, prior to entering private practice. He is responsible for the ophthalmologic products and eye drops which are included in the Atlas pipeline

About COSTAS Inc.

Costas Inc. has been trading under the symbol CSSI since the year 2014, during which time it operated under the direction of Clifford Redicop and Dr. Stephen L. Gomes Ph.D. With this current acquisition of the Guadalajara based nanomedicine firm, Atlas Nanotech, it now enters the new dynamic market of nanotechnology development and manufacturing.

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